Damascus Rings

Damascus Steel Men’s Rings

Rings aren’t just for show, and while Etrnl’s range of Damascus steel rings is stylish, there’s so much more to it. Damascus steel is an iron-carbon alloy originally used in the forging of weapons. This tough material can take on elegant shapes, but beneath there is always the knowledge that you’re wearing the material of an ancient battle sword on your finger.

Damascus Steel Ring Styles

Etrnl’s Damascus steel ring range comes in a variety of styles to suit your tastes. The variance in finishes, and the clever use of accent materials such as wood, create pieces that are stunning yet tough. For a ring that can outlast the bronze age, yet maintain its original, sleek appearance, Damascus steel is an ideal material.

Damascus Steel Wedding Ring

Damascus steel is one of the great lasting metals, as pieces of early weapons have survived into modern times. This tough material is built to last, just like your vows. What better way to commemorate your big day than with a ring that is stylish, elegant, and lasting. Take a look at Etrnl’s wedding ring guide to find the style and type of ring that will thrill you for years to come.

Damascus Steel Engagement Ring

Elegant and lasting, a Damascus steel engagement ring is ideal for a promise to be kept. Its durability means that you can wear it every day without concern, and with clever accent materials, it will reward you with its beauty. The eye-popping designs at Etrnl give that wow factor that will have you showing your ring off to everyone.

Finding the Right Ring

Whether you’re looking for a piece that you will love for years or an eternal memory like a wedding ring, it’s important to get it right. Choosing material and style is the easy part, with so many great designs available. To ensure that your ring is the perfect fit for you, Etrnl’s sizing guide is here, with an option to get your very own ring sizer, so that you’ll always get the right fit.