Men's & Women's Engravable Bracelets

A personalised gift is the most precious way to celebrate a special occasion. It’s sincere, thoughtful, and it’s touching. Most importantly, a custom-made gift is unique.

We’ve created a range of engravable bracelets – for men and women – to remember and celebrate your important moments.

Engrave your loved one’s name or your best friend’s name. A child’s name, which makes a lovely gift for a new mum or for Mother’s Day. Or a couple’s initials and anniversary date. You can even engrave an inspirational quote for when you need a boost.

With a range of styles from traditional to modern, there’s a bracelet style to suit everyone.

Stainless steel construction

For our engravable bracelet collection, we’ve chosen stainless steel because it’s light, strong, and hypoallergenic. Stainless steel doesn’t tarnish, and it doesn’t scratch easily.

Our stainless steel bracelets come in finishes of silver, gold, and black. You can view the options for each bracelet style in their descriptions.

Many of the designs incorporate leather or braided rope for a contrasting texture.

Adjustable bracelet sizing

For a surprise gift – when you don’t want to give the game away by measuring their wrist – we have some bracelet options with adjustable size bands. This means you can create a personalised surprise gift, without knowing their size. Simply look for adjustable options in the description.