Titanium Rings

Lightweight Titanium wedding rings

Titanium is ultra light and strong. That’s why Titanium is used in aircraft and in surgical joint replacements.

Titanium is extremely light compared with other ring metals, which makes a Titanium ring perfect for people who aren’t used to wearing jewellery.

What’s more, the almost weightless feel of Titanium makes for a super comfortable ring. As a result, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing a ring at all.

Titanium is durable

Don’t let the weight of the ring trick you into thinking Titanium needs to be mollycoddled. In fact, Titanium is exceptionally strong. Your Titanium ring will easily withstand the knocks of daily wear.

Plus, Titanium is resistant to cracks and scratches, so you can wear a Titanium wedding ring every day without worrying about damage.

Titanium rings are affordable

Because we all know weddings are eye-wateringly expensive, you’ll be pleased to hear that Titanium rings cost a fraction of the price of traditional wedding ring metals. 

Lighter, tougher, and it won’t bust your wedding budget. The best part is you’ll have a wedding ring that’ll last a lifetime. 

Classic and modern designs

ETRNL’s range of Titanium wedding rings includes classic styles such as dome, beveled edge, and stepped edge rings.

And there are modern designs with straight sides, wood inlay, and striking black. No matter your personal style, you’ll find your perfect ring.

Titanium is a versatile metal that comes in silver, gold, and black finishes. The gold and black finishes are plated over a silver Titanium base. As a result, gold and black Titanium rings are scratch-resistant, but if you’re looking for a ring that’ll stand up to a lot of scratches, the silver finish is your best bet.

Titanium is hypoallergenic

Whichever finish you choose, they’re all hypoallergenic. (That’s another reason Titanium is used for surgical joint replacements).

We also offer a no questions asked 60-day exchange or refund option (see our Returns page for details) so you can be sure your ring will be comfortable to wear.


Engraving Services by ETRNL

We are proud to offer custom engraving services on our titanium rings. Your engraved rings will become a perfect gift for anyone, from custom wedding bands, find the perfect engraved gifts for men and women.