Men's Black Rings

Men’s black rings – made functional

At Etrnl, we believe in designing modern pieces that go with the flow of contemporary living. Whether you’re always on-the-go in the office or work as a personal trainer – all of our men’s black rings are created to reflect your way of life.

With a long-standing reputation in Australia, our customers turn to our range for an alternative take on what it means to sport jewellery. Be it a wedding ring or other sentimental design – all of our pieces are a nod to practicality.

Men’s black rings – from silicone to tungsten

Having spent time in the market and thoroughly understanding our customer’s needs, we turned our line into a collection that’s backed by versatility.

Choose from high-quality wooden designs, silicone black men’s rings, tungsten and carbon fibre – we’ve got you covered.

Why choose silicone?

Sporting non-toxic materials and pleasing aesthetics, silicone is a great alternative for a variety of jewellery.

Because it supports our customers’ busy lives, we use this material to ensure our pieces offer flexibility, durability and comfortable wear – something metal cannot do. Ditch the fear of damaging or scratching your beloved ring and opt for a design that’s crafted to last.

The crowd-favourite – tungsten

Across our range, we offer a variety of tungsten men’s black rings that pay tribute to a popular, versatile material.

Moreover, they’re widely considered more safe to wear, due to their ability to shatter under a huge amount of force. This means they can be removed in emergency situations, by an expert.

Easy tips for choosing the right design for you

Rings are created to send a message – whether it’s to showcase your romantic commitment or solidify your marriage. But it’s important to choose a piece that suits your personality, is comfortable to sport and able to withstand the general tear of your lifestyle.

We recommend choosing a band that's more than just a statement. Opt for a piece that gives you the sentimentality you're after, while giving you peace of mind that you're not putting it at risk of damage or daily physical demands.