Signet Rings

Signet rings go minimalist

During its revival, the traditional signet ring has enjoyed a makeover. And this time around they’re not stuffy or over-the-top.

We’ve designed our collection in a minimalist style. You won’t see any ornate family crests or wax-seal emblems here.

Instead, our contemporary signet rings can be simply engraved, showcasing the initials of the wearer or their loved one.

There is also a growing trend for signet rings to be worn plain and unadorned, letting the classic signet ring shapes speak for themselves.

What is a signet ring?

A signet ring is a metal ring with a flat top and gently sloped sides. The top surface of a signet ring can be any shape, and the most popular shapes are oval, square, rectangle, and narrow bar shapes. 

Signet rings are statement pieces. As large rings, they’re eye-catching and bold.

Signet rings were traditionally worn by men, on the pinky finger of the non-dominant hand. But lately, signet rings have become popular statement pieces for any finger (and for everyone). Simply choose the size for the finger you want to wear your signet ring on.

Signet rings for women

Although traditionally a men’s jewellery item (we’re talking 100+ years ago), women have worn signet rings since the 19th century. Women’s signet rings are often lighter and smaller than men’s signet rings. For signet rings in women’s sizes, check out our 6mm bar signet rings in silver, gold, black and gunmetal grey. Our signet rings are available in sizes for men and women, with sizes from 4.5 to 13.

Stainless steel construction

We’ve designed our signet ring collection in stainless steel because it’s tough, hypoallergenic, and comfortable to wear.

The stainless steel ring is then finished in gold, silver, black, or gunmetal grey.

Stainless steel signet rings are suitable for everyday wear as an alternative wedding ring, and for occasional wear as a fashion piece.

Engraving Services by ETRNL

We’ll soon be offering services in custom engraved services for our signet rings. Your engraved rings will become a perfect gift for anyone, from custom wedding bands, find the perfect engraved gifts for men and women.