Practical, modern wedding rings for your active lifestyle

You wouldn’t want to damage your precious wedding ring, so you need a ring that’s durable enough to suit your lifestyle. 

For instance, when you work in a hands-on job like health and medicine, trades, fitness, or hospitality, you need a wedding ring that can withstand daily wear.

Likewise, if you love the gym, pool, contact sports, craft, cooking and creating, you need a ring that can withstand getting wet, scratched or knocked.

That’s where ETRNL’s range of women’s rings comes in. They’re durable AND elegant. 

Surprised? You needn’t be. It’s all about taking the right materials and crafting stunning ring designs.

Affordable women’s wedding rings in Silicone, Tungsten, Titanium and Wood

What’s more, ETRNL has a range of women’s rings that are seriously affordable. Just a fraction of the price of traditional wedding rings, and they’re made to last.

Even if you already have a gold or platinum wedding ring, you can wear your ETRNL ring as a substitute. Wear a Tungsten or Titanium ring to work, while your traditional wedding ring stays safely at home. Or wear a Silicone wedding ring on gym days to protect your traditional ring from damage.

Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

Silicone is soft and flexible; perfect for the gym, rock climbing and working in trades.

Tungsten is tough; it’s great for health workers and hospitality.

Titanium is strong and exceptionally light; perfect for when you want to forget you’re wearing a ring at all.

Check out our comprehensive guide on how to choose the right wedding ring for your lifestyle.

Modern and elegant ring designs

No matter your personal style, we’ve got you covered with a range of stunning rings.

ETRNL’s range includes women’s wedding ring designs in:

  • Silver, gold, rose gold and black finishes
  • Eye-catching designs with wood or turquoise inlay
  • Colourful silicone rings
  • Casual and stacking ring designs

With so many durable and elegant rings to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one.